Australian Documentaries was founded in the belief that popular entertainment can make a positive difference.

Our desire to see a more sustainable future arises from our concern for the environment; belief in people’s self-determination and ability to drive change; and our hope for a world that values personal fulfilment and community over individual consumption.

We have a strong belief that Australians are well placed to communicate a positive vision for global change.

Regardless of the terminology used by different sectors – corporate citizenship, social responsibility, sustainability, triple bottom line reporting or ecologically sustainable development – we believe that everyone can play a key role in contributing to a more sustainable future.

Australian Documentaries seeks to drive positive change by promoting sustainability in all its diversity, by celebrating successes and by shared learning. Furthermore, we incorporate the principles of sustainable development into our own lives and working practices.


We are committed to cutting down our carbon emissions and ecological footprint across layers of the production process.

We attempt to minimize our footprint throughout the production process. In the past we have offset the areas where we were not able to neutralize our footprint through both Climate Friendly and Greenfleet.

In 2010 we made a decision to use the funds we would have spent on offsets towards reducing our company’s consumption.

We have recently registered our business with the Better Business Partnership (BPP)

Since joining the BBP we have looked at reducing the environmental impact and increasing the sustainability of our business across a number of areas. We were lucky to have our landlords Regethermic join the programme with us so we were able to make more significant changes, most notably to upgrading their air-conditioning unit and repairing ours which should help significantly with our energy usage and bills.

We have been looking at our business practices across our water, energy and waste profiles as well as our staff support, sustainable purchasing and transport initiatives.


We will have more details about the exact savings we have made over the coming months.

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